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Fraud Awareness

Fraud is a growing issue in the automotive industry, and on-line automotive sites are not immune to such problems. While the vast majority of listings on ClassifiedRide.com are legitimate, there is the potential that individuals may post for the sole purpose of scamming potential car buyers. In addition, the majority of emails and phone leads are real, interested buyers; however, there is also the potential for individuals seeking to scam via phone or email. Be sure to use caution and common sense when using the internet. Protect yourself while using ClassifiedRide.com by familiarizing yourself with the site operations and following the precautions outlined below. Keep in mind- if an activity seems suspicious or too good to be true- it probably is.

Emails & Claims

ClassifiedRide.com acts as a forum only for potential buyers to search listings of vehicles and to contact sellers to discuss specifics, arrange test drives or inspections, and/or possibly enter into an agreement to purchase a vehicle. All transactions are between buyers and sellers ONLY- we do NOT sell vehicles, collects payments, warehouse, or ship vehicles. We cannot verify the authenticity of a buyer or seller either.

Advice for Sellers

  • Try to deal Locally... obviously the safest way to interact with a seller is face-to-face. Be concerned if a seller ONLY via email. Also, be extremely wary if the seller or buyer flat out refuses to speak on the phone or claims to be unable to do so.
  • Avoid complicated payment schemes. Payments should be relatively simple- be wary of payment processes that involve several steps. If a buyer offers to send you a cashier's check for more than the purchase price and asks for you to wire the difference back- this is a popular scheme- beware!
  • Verify Payment. Do NOT transfer the vehicle title to the buyer until the buyer's check has cleared or you have otherwise received full vehicle payment. Always verify the authenticity of any cashier's check or certified check with the bank from which it is issued. NEVER accept a check for more than your asking price.

Advice for Buyers

  • Avoid ads that are too good to be true. Popular vehicles prices at half their value are most likely scams- use the NADA provided to check vehicle value.
  • Always see the car in person if possible. Seeing is believing, particularly when the deal seems too good.
  • Wiring money. Use precaution when wiring money, particularly to foreign countries. Moneygram and Western Union are extremely popular online because the funds are available immediately and are completely untraceable.

Reporting Suspicious Activity

If anyone attempts to scam you via our website:

  • Cease all communication with said person.
  • Promptly report activity to ClassifiedRide.com
  • You may file a report with Internet Fraud Complaint Center as well.
  • Take steps to reverse or stop payment or contact local law enforcement.