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Privacy policy: ClassifiedRide.com

Collection of Personal Information

Obviously, information posted to ClassifiedRide.com is public information. By providing the site with personal information, you are consenting to ClassifiedRide.com's collection, use, and disclosure of your information. In addition, you are agreeing to the site transferring and storing your information on our servers. ClassifiedRide.com collects the following personal information:

  • Email address, phone numbers, physical contact information
  • Computer sign-on information, stats about page views, and traffic to and from your ad
  • Additional information, including IP address and standard web log information

With the information collected ClassifiedRide.com will

  • Provide the site's services
  • Resolve disputes, collect fees, and troubleshoot
  • Measure, improve, and/or customize your experience as a site user
  • Provide promotional offers, service updates, and tagged marketing


ClassifiedRide.com will not sell or rent personal information to third parties for marketing purposes without user consent. However, ClassifiedRide.com may disclose personal information in order to respond to legal requirements, enforce our policies, respond to claims concerning a posting or violation of other's rights, or to protect user rights, property, or safety. Also, ClassifiedRide.com may share information with: corporate affiliates to prevent potentially illegal acts and provide joint services, service providers who assist with our business operations, third-party websites and publishers so your ads can reach a broader clientele.

Registration and sharing

ClassifiedRide.com may offer single sign-on services that allow you to use third party login credentials to sign in to the site. With permission, ClassifiedRide.com may also transfer profile information from said third party sites.


Marketing communications will be sent from ClassifiedRide.com via email unless you tell you wish otherwise. You may NOT harvest addresses, send spam or otherwise breach our Terms of Agreement or Privacy Policy via our website. Additionally, ClassifiedRide.com reserves the right to automatically or manually scan and/or filter email messages sent via our site for malicious activity or prohibited content. These messages, however, will not be permanently stored by ClassifiedRide.com.